History of Thé Vanille


John Murdoch, oil trader for the Evilthane Company. Throws himself out of his building’s window, collateral damage of October’s black Thursday. Wakes up in a bathtub, room 9291 in the Motel Vanilla. In front of him : a drumkit.


Valoupopoulos, diver-driller for the Evilthane Company. Drowns himself, drawn into the abyss by the legendary guitar named Litah. Wakes up in room 6791 in the Motel Vanilla. Litah stands by his side, along with a closet full of dresses. Upstairs, some guy rumbles around on his drums.


Nala, wild child - the result of a devilish scientific experiment funded by Evilthane. Locked up in an attic and raised by cloned dinosaurs, trampled to death after playing a game that went wrong. Wakes up in the dining room of the Motel Vanilla, it's breakfast time. Two guys are playing frantically some music that transcends her. She starts singing.

Guitaristic loops, heady drums, minimal synths and schizophrenic vocals. The trio disseminates a vigorous and sparkling music, a smart sweetened combination of refreshing pop music and noisy rock - straight from limbo. Their first demo, recorded in the Motel’s Garage, demonstrates the band’s strong desire to spread their musical madness around the world. Beware ! Behold ! those with ears eager to discover true new sensations shall be rewarded : watch the thein-y breaking wave coming through !